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Market-rate housing refers to apartments that are being offered to residents at the current market rate. This is in contrast to affordable housing, which is typically offered at less than market-rate, often at a certain percentage of a location's Area Median Income (AMI).

Opportunity Zones IRS and Treasury Updates Brings Clarity to Multifamily Investors

Since Q2 2019, a new flurry of updates about the government’s Opportunity Zones program has answered many questions about how the program will be operated. Not everything, however, has been fully revealed.

Will Class-A, Luxury Supply Growth Impact Class B & C Investors? Maybe.

How can potential over-supply in Class-A apartments impact the performance of Class-B and Class-C product? If you ask most folks, particularly those scooping up value-add "B" and "C" product, it can't. But what if they're wrong?