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Apartments are self-contained housing units. Multiple apartment units make up one apartment building, though most "apartment buildings" have 5+ units. 2-4 unit buildings are instead referred to as duplexes, triplexes, or quadplexes.

"The Grocery Store Effect": New Report Shows Grocery Store Openings Positively Impact Multifamily Rents

A new report published by Newmark Knight Frank, titled “The Grocery Store Effect” delves deep into the impact that a nearby grocery store opening can have on the desirability and rent prices of multifamily real estate.

Will Class-A, Luxury Supply Growth Impact Class B & C Investors? Maybe.

How can potential over-supply in Class-A apartments impact the performance of Class-B and Class-C product? If you ask most folks, particularly those scooping up value-add "B" and "C" product, it can't. But what if they're wrong?